Asian Beetle Repellent

Asian beetles or Asian Lady Beetles came from Asia. They have a beneficiary effect because of their ability to control some plant pests such as aphids. But these beetles can also be pests because a large population of asian beetles disturbs the natural ecology of an area and they congregate inside our home.

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Camphor and menthol can be used as a repellent to adult female asian beetles. But it can only be used in a short period of time because of its short-term effect, this is one of the Natural Beetle Repellent techniques.

Pesticide that contains pyrethroids can also be use to repel the asian beetles. It is sprayed on the exterior walls before the incursion of the beetles that traveled from far cracks to other entry points. Even though pyrethroid is not a natural product, it has a similar chemical component to pyrethrin, which is a substance derived from the chrysanthemum flowers; but both differ in their persistence, pyrethroids are known to be effective for a longer period of time.

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