Asian Beetle Repellent and Japanese Beetle Repellent

What is an Asian Beetle Repellent

Beetles play a major roll in the world’s ecosystem. They’re food for other critters higher on the food chain, they pollinate plants, and they help decompose dead plants and animals. Beetles and the diseases they carry kill millions of people every year and sicken and scar millions more. While the vast majority of Beetles are harmless, there are a few we need to be aware of and how to make beetle repellents.

Asian Beetle Repellent

Have you ever heard of what they call a lady bug? These are actually called Asian Beetles that are familiar insects in many parts of the United States. For the most part, Asian beetles are beneficial predators that eat aphids, scale, insects, and many other pests that injure plants in gardens, landscapes and agricultural settings. But at some cost, they have become a household pest. These bugs usually come out during summer or early fall. Spring time is also a good time to be invaded by Asian Beetles. So if you’re worrying about these little creatures that might attack your gardens, worry not, we now introduce to you the Asian Beetle Repellent.

According to research, Using pesticides may be the only solution for eliminating Asian beetles. Non-chemical control measures will provide some control, but spraying may be the only real solution.

But there are also a natural beetle repellents that you can use to kill these little beasts.

Camphor, a wax derived from the wood of camphor laurel or other plants, and menthol, an aromatic compound derived from peppermint, repel adult female Asian lady beetles. Camphor is the more effective of the two substances. Unfortunately, the repellent effects of these substances are short-lived, making them impractical for control of lady beetles infesting houses and other buildings. They may be useful to remove Asian beetles from a small area for a short period of time.

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    just found out Asian beetles look like ladybugs.. Hmmm so technically I won’t catch any bad luck from killing them if they are

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